Update - March 2021


Happy 2021! It’s hard to believe that I’ve been so overrun and that it’s been almost 3 months since I wrote to you... That’s what working full-time does! Right about the time of my last email, I managed to get a job at The Good Guys, and some gigs started back too, so I have been exhausted ever since! 

The job has been a blessing in many ways & not just financially: Great people! But, it’s also eaten into my writing time and, because I’ve been prioritising The Anywheres (as I should: it’s a blast!) I’ve not lifted a quill toward my own music... Last year, I got to write 43 songs, 6 guitar instrumentals and we wrote 4 The Anywheres tunes... so, technically I got to 53 songs... not an altogether bad 2020 :-) 

What else?... Well, speaking of jobs, in a bit of a whirlwind, and thanks to the kind recommendations of Andrew, Ivan, Steve & Rob, I've been lucky enough to have picked up 3 days of guitar teaching work at 3 different schools. It all happened really quickly and I've only done 2 weeks so far, but I've had a great time showing the students the 'C' chord and the notes on the 'E' string! :-) 

And now to new music! 

Rosie and I are now the proud parents of k2 new The Anywheres EPs/CDs and a fledgling fashion empire ;-) We had 2 sold-out shows at Mantra Studio Kitchen & Bar last Thurs & Fri where we were very well looked after by Dave & Patsy and spoiled rotten by the generosity and support of everyone who bought tickets and came along. 

It's great to finally have some The Anywheres CDs & t-shirts too. Credit to Rosie, Rob, Andrew & Chris for all the time they put into getting this stuff ready to roll!! If you want to get some, jump to this link here: https://theanywheres.com/store (There's a beautiful version of 'A Year From Now' on the 'What You Want To Hear' CD and my first ever recorded slide guitar solo appears on 'Just Like Me' on the 'I Will Lift You Up' CD :-) ) 

The EPs are also on Apple music and Spotify is that's your thing :-) (Make sure you follow us too!) 

I'd love to take a sec to say a HUGE thank you to the handful of Patreon & www.domitaliano.com subscribers who are STILL contributing to my music making almost a year after first signing up. I can't tell you how amazing I think it is that there's a few people out there prepared to help me fund my original-music-making dreams. Thank YOU! 

My Patreon & my www.domitalino.com subscription :-) 

As far as my music goes, I have some time in a few weeks during school holidays(!), so I'm planning on recording some of last year's 'project' songs for a future release... more on that later! 

If you didn't get to listen to the last release yet, I'd love to know what you think :-) 

Also, here is one of the last songs I wrote for the 'project'... I didn't send them all out in any emails last year... 

That's all for now!!! More soon!!! 

Be safe!!! 

Dom :-)