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Wanna book a House Concert?


**PLEASE NOTE: COVID-era restrictions apply, but we can totally make something work... so please get in touch!**

I recently started playing house concerts after offering them as an option as a crowdfunding reward and have found them to be super-fun, engaging, and memorable. House concerts are a wonderful way for artists and music supporters to connect and experience music in a relaxed environment, in a space and time that's generally much more convenient than getting out to a pub or bar at a time you might need to be elsewhere...

So, with the Aussie winter approaching and no local or international travel plans on the cards, I thought I'd see if anyone wants me to come and play at their house/apartment/garden/barn/yacht/resort/island etc...

If you would like to investigate the possibility of me to coming to your neck-of-the-woods to 'make some noise' for you, your friends & family, fill out the form below to get the ball rolling! (but It doesn’t lock you into anything). Because I work as a full-time musician, I'll need to book these shows around my pre-exisiting bookings, but I'm sure we'll be able to find a date that works for everyone.


COST: Booking a private show is completely FREE! But, I ask that you have a minimum of 25 adults in attendance. For two reasons:
1) Fewer than 25 people and the concert doesn't feel like the exciting event it should be.
2) The gigs will run on a donation model and 25 or more adults contributing to donations and purchasing merchandise is what starts making it a financially viable event, which in turn allows me to keep making music.
3) I'm more than happy to play some covers, though my hope is to focus on original music.
4) I'm also happy to (and would love to) book other performers either as co-headliners, accompanists or as support acts.

You can also book The Anywheres for house concert too :-)

PLEASE NOTE: You must be over 18 years of age to be considered for hosting a house concert.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: Yes, I absolutely do other types of gigs including functions, weddings, parties, bars etc... If you want to enquire about that kind of thing, please email